Books of the 20s
1920: Agatha Christie publishes her first Hercule Poirot novel, The Mysterious Affair at
Styles, The Man of the Forest by Zane Grey, This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

1921: H.G. Well’s Outline of History, Mainstreet by Sinclair Lewis, The Mysterious Rider by Zane
Grey, The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton, The Sheik by Edith Hull.

1922: Sinclair Lewis writes Babbitt, Diet and Health introduces calorie-counting and remains
a best seller for five years, The Story of Mankind by Van Loof, Showboat by Edna Ferber,
The Outline of Science by J. Arthur Thomson, Ulysses by James Joyce.

1923: Emile Coué’s Self Mastery Through Conscious Auto Suggestion prompts a mental health
and self-improvement fad. Etiquette: The Blue Book of Social Usage by Emily Post.

1924: Call of the Canyon by Zane Grey.


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