Important events 1890-1924

1890 First entirely steel-framed building erected in Chicago; first electric tube railway in London; British cruiser, Serpent, wrecked in storm off cost of Spain, 167 lost; Sitting Bull killed in Sioux uprising; first ice-cream sundae; U.S. resident population is 62.9 million.

1891 Devastating quake levels 20,000 structures and kills 25,000 people in Japan; first practical hydroelectric station; electric torch adopted in England.

1892 Fire and flood create a human hell at Oil City, Pennsylvania, 130 dead; cholera vaccine; Cape-Johannesburg railroad completed; crown top for bottles developed; diesel engine patented.

1893 Floods pushed by hurricane winds devastate U.S. South Atlantic coast, 2000 dead; World Exposition in Chicago; first practical roll film; shredded wheat cereal.

1894 War between China and Japan; Minnesota forest fire kills 480; Captain Dreyfus exiled to Devil’s Island; first wireless.

1895 Roentgen discovers X-rays; cigarette-making machine invented; the Lumieres open their Cinematographie.

1896 Klondike gold rush begins; Addressograph patents confirmed; Ford’s first motorcar; periscopes for submarines; first modern Olympic Games held in Athens.

1897 Mimeo stencils are invented; first cathode ray tube.

1898 Tropical cyclone hits southern U.S., hundreds die; 2446 U.S. dead in Spanish-American War.; disc recordings become practical; commercial aspirin appears; Kellogg’s Corn Flakes; tubular flashlight.

1899 Windsor Hotel in New York goes up in flames; millions in damage and 14 killed; Rutherford discovers alpha and beta particles; general adoption of typewriters underway.

1900 Pier fire, steamer Rio de Janeiro wrecked in San Francisco harbor, 128 lost; great Galveston hurricane kills 6,000; mine explosion kills 200 in Utah; Boxer Rebellion in China; Kodak “Brownie” camera; Count Zeppelin launches 420-foot airship; U.S. public debt is $1.263 billion; U.S. resident population is 76 million.

1901 President McKinley assassinated; two serious typhoid outbreaks in U.S; Queen Victoria dies; human blood groups classified; first transatlantic wireless.

1902 Boer War; Mt. Pelée eruption kills 40,000 on Martinique; first steamturbine- driven passenger ship; modern macadam developed; first alum-dried powdered milk; puffed cereals; first Teddy bear; first Caruso gramophone recording; economical hydrogenated fats make fats for soap and cooking plentiful.

1903 Fire at Iroquois Theatre, Chicago, worst theater fire in U.S. history (602 dead); Wright Bros. fly first heavierthan- air powered aircraft; first fluorescent light; postal meter developed; center-frame motorcycle engine.

1904 Eden CO train derailed into flood, 96 killed; Broadway subway opens in NYC; thermos flask patented; tracks (as opposed to wheels) first appear on farm machinery; kapok life belts; Russo-Japanese War.

1905 Cullinan diamond (3,000 carats) found, largest to that date; steam tur-bines standard for British navy; abortive revolution in Russia; electric motor horn; chemical foam fire extinguisher; Special Theory of Relativity.

1906 Earthquake and fire devastate San Francisco, 28,818 houses destroyed and 700 announced killed; U.S. troops occupy Cuba till 1909; Lusitania and Mauretania launched; the jukebox; mass-production of marine outboard motors.

1907 West Virginian coal mine explosion kills 361; Rasputin great influence in Czarist Russia; animated cartoons; electric washing machine; household detergent; upright vacuum cleaner.

1908 Minkowski formulates his 4-dimensional geometry; paper cups for drinking.

1909 Robert E. Peary reaches the North Pole; hurricane in Louisiana and Mississippi kills 350; first powered flight across the English Channel; doubledecker buses in U.K.

1910 Landslide buries workers in the Norman open-pit mine, in Virginia MN; Wellington WA trains swept away by avalanche, killing 96; Murray and Hjort undertake the first deep-sea research expedition; radio-direction finder; spring-operated mouse trap; incorporation of the Boy Scouts of America; U.S. resident population is 92 million.

1911 Forty tons of dynamite explode at Communipaw terminal, NJ, killing 30; Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in New York City leaves 145 dead; Zapata arrives in Mexico City, but the battles have just begun; revolution in China leads to the republic under Sun Yat-sen; the electric frying pan; Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen reaches South Pole.

1912 Titanic rams iceberg, 1,517 passengers and crew are lost; Wilson’s cloud chamber leads to the detection of protons, electrons; cellophane patented; Saville Row creates what will be named the “trench coat” in WWI; Cadillac shows first electric self-starter for automobiles; two self-service grocery stores in California.

1913 The Balkan War begins; British steamer Calvadas lost in blizzard in the Sea of Marmora, 200 lost; Wilson inaugurated; electric starters for motorcycles; vitamin A; income tax and popular election of senators added to U.S. Constitution.

1914 The Great War begins; first air raids; first use of the Panama Canal; Canadian Pacific steamship Empress of India sunk in collision with the Storstad in the St. Lawrence River, 1,024 lost.

1915 Lusitania sunk by German submarine, 1,199 lost, consternation and anger follow in the United States; enormous and unprecedented casualties in the Great War; cereal flakes are marketed; chlorine gas used as weapon; gas mask; the zipper is patented.

1916 Some 700,000 die in the battle of Verdun; one million die in the battle of the Somme; U.S. polio epidemic kills 7,000 and leaves 27,000 youngsters paralyzed; Gallipoli; Easter uprising; Jutland; mechanical windshield wipers; General Theory of Relativity; Pershing’s raid in Mexico.

1917 United States enters WWI; the Russian Revolution unfolds and the Bolsheviks seize power; mustard gas; Ford mass-produces tractors; Steamer Castalia wrecked on Lake Superior, 22 men lost; Pennsylvania munitions plant explosion kills 133; 1,600 dead in ship collision and explosion in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

1918 WWI ends; Russian Civil War; regular U.S. airmail service; world influenza epidemic kills 21.6 million; U.S.S. Cyclops leaves Barbados and is never heard of again; powered flight reaches 150+ mph and 30,000+ feet; electric clocks.

1919 Prohibition enacted in U.S.; first transatlantic flight (1,880 miles in 16:12 hours); grease-guns; parachutes.

1920 Prohibition in effect in U.S.; the Bolsheviks win Russia; Earthquake in Gansu province, China, kills 200,000; first radio broadcasting station on the air; teabags; U.S. public debt is $24.3 billion; women’s suffrage ratified; U.S. resident population is 105.7 million.

1921 Rorschach devises his inkblot tests; inflation of the German Mark be-gins; KDKA broadcasts sports; Capek coins the word “robot.”

1922 Revival and growth of Ku Klux Klan; British dirigible AR-2 breaks in two, killing 62; insulin is isolated; first practical postal franking machine; Soviet May Day slogans omit “world revolution”; water-skiing; Mussolini marches on Rome.

1923 Teapot Dome scandal rocks Harding administration; big fire in Berkeley CA destroys 600 buildings, causes $10 million in damage, and 60 persons killed; German Mark stabilized; continuing Klan violence in Georgia; Nazi putsch in Munich fails; King Tut’s tomb opened; whooping-cough vaccine.

1924 Leopold and Loeb convicted of the kidnap slaying of Bobby Franks; paper egg cartons developed; Kleenex.


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